Setting up an apprenticeship

As a manager, we advise that you would broadly follow the stages below, noting that this is a simplified list of key elements; there will be additional factors to consider which will depend on each organisation.

Not all organisations have central support (often in the form of an institutional apprenticeship manager) but if this does exist we recommend that you speak with this team in the first instance as they will have significant knowledge that will make the process run much more smoothly.

Identifying the potential for an apprentice

Preparing for your apprentice

Recruiting your apprentice

Your apprentice starts work

Business as usual

Six months before the end of the apprenticeship

Note: this outline is in respect of level 2, 3 and 4 apprenticeships only and relates to new staff coming into apprenticeship positions. In addition, best practice shows that creating apprentice and manager handbooks as a way to manage expectations of all is a useful exercise.