Explore resources and links for all of the NTDC's initiatives.

CPD and learning resources

Higher Education and Technician Educational Development website.

Our online CPD platform for technical staff and managers.

The Diversity of Technicians in Higher Education

Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework  (LEAF) and NTDC Reports.

Information about the Level 3 Education Technician Apprenticeship Standard and why it was set up.

Padlet and workshop from specialist advisor Laurence Dawkins Hall

A collection of reports from industry and the government that are useful for technical staff and employers.

Case studies and resources for higher education providers from the Office for Students.

Events and funding

Quarterly event for staff of Partner Affiliate universities.

Our annual Partner Affiliate event focusing on technical careers. 

Find out about the funding opportunities available through the NTDC.

Amazing photographs from technical staff across the UK and beyond.

Documents and further reading