Technician Development Fund

The NTDC TDF 2023/2024 is now closed. 

The NTDC Technician Development Fund (TDF) is one of many member benefits for Partner Affiliates (PAs). To check if your organisation is a PA see our list of partners. The Technician Development Fund provides technical staff with an opportunity to access funding to support innovative technical initiatives.

NTDC TDF 2023/2024 

We are excited to introduce this funding opportunity, which is dedicated to advancing "Technical Careers: For Everybody". Our aim is to foster outreach for technical careers in higher education and inspire young people, as well as underrepresented groups, to consider a rewarding career in technical services.

About the Fund

At the NTDC, we believe that technical careers should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. The NTDC Technician Development Fund for the year 2023/2024 is designed to support this vision through outreach projects, delivered by on-the-ground technicians. 

The NTDC is offering funding to the value of £500 (per project) to technicians or groups of technical staff to design and develop an Outreach/Public Engagement activity, which supports the promotion of technical careers to the next generation, with a particular emphasis on recruiting individuals from underrepresented groups to technical careers.

Applications are open between 2nd October 2023 until 26th January 2024.

TDF Funding Details

Funding Aim:

The primary aim of this fund is to fund individual or teams of technicians to deliver small to medium projects to inspire and encourage young people and underrepresented groups to explore technical careers in higher education.


This funding opportunity is available exclusively to technical staff at NTDC Partner Affiliate Organisations.

Number of Projects:

Applicants are allowed to submit funding proposals for a maximum of two projects.

Funding Amount: 

Applicants can request funding for projects, with a maximum grant amount of £500 available for each project.


The application period opens at 12:00 on 2nd October 2023 and closes at 12:00 on 26th January 2024. Applications can be made through this form

Within the form, you can revisit your answers and edit until the closing date.

After the closing dates, applicants will not be able to amend their submissions. 

Upon submitting your application, you will recieve a copy of your application.

Judging Criteria:

Project Proposals:

Applicants must specify the amount they are applying for and provide a detailed outline of the project in their application. It is crucial to explain how the proposed project aligns with the fund's aim of promoting technical careers in higher education and how the funding will be utilized to achieve this objective. See below and in the application form.