The NTDC Technician Survey

The NTDC Technician Survey captures information on every aspect of a technical workforce, from specialist technical skills, to future career plans and development needs. Each institution receives a bespoke version of the survey, specifically tailored to support and enable your strategic workforce planning, and help you utilise the skills of your technical workforce.

Benefits of the survey

For individual technicians

The survey is a chance to carry out reflective CPD and make their institution aware of their skills and development needs.

For institutions

The survey identification of upcoming technical skills gaps, unused technical expertise and areas of support and development that their technical workforce may benefit from.

Institutional and individual engagement with the survey raises the visibility and recognition of technicians by supporting career development, enabling the strategic and operational planning for a sustainable technical workforce.

What the survey captures

At the core of the survey is a Technical Skills Database, containing over 3,500 unique technical characteristics. This, along with the NTDC Survey Team’s specialist experience, allows us to guide each institution through the whole process, which includes

Ongoing support is provided by our team from start to finish.

Skills audited by the survey - coloured pie chart

Technician Survey Reports

The Technician Survey Report 2022: Training and Development (PDF, 24.8MB)

This report comes in the wake of the first benchmarking report from the NTDC Technician Survey, released in late 2021 (see below). The data included in this 2022 report comes from the first eleven universities within the UK to run the NTDC Technician Survey.

The content of this report is based upon training and development requests from the technical staff that have completed the Technician Survey. The areas of focus are management skills, interpersonal skills and health and safety skills.

The Technician Survey Report 2021: Benchmarking (PDF, 11.8MB)

The NTDC survey team proudly released their Benchmarking Report in 2021. This report comprises benchmark data from ten universities within the UK who have undertaken the NTDC Technician Survey.

We believe that releasing benchmark data will be beneficial by highlighting not only the vital work and skills of technical staff across the sector, but also in mapping the profile of the technical workforce and the issues they currently face in their roles.

Case studies

“We hadn’t anticipated the level of untapped skills that we hold.”

“Empowerment is crucial to giving a group of staff the confidence to engage with management.”

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