Inspirational Women of The University of Sheffield

09 July 2024 

On International Women’s Day, the University of Sheffield introduced an initiative called ‘Our People: Inspirational Women’. This University-wide project aims to highlight and honour women from across the University, and to increase their representation in portraits and photographs displayed around campus. Read more about the initiative here.

Rachel Tucker, Senior Research Technician and Genomics Laboratory Manager

Selected nominees were featured in a series of portraits which have been exhibited around the university. We are pleased to share one of the selected women, Rachel Tucker, Senior Research Technician and Genomics Laboratory Manager.

"Despite choosing a career firmly in the technical route I have always been encouraged to further my skill set and knowledge, and always been made to feel like I am a part of the team. This would have been much harder, if I were not surrounded by inspirational colleagues.”

Read more about Rachel's technical journey here.

Dr Sara Bacon, NTDC Centre Manager

We are thrilled to share that our Centre Manager, Dr Sara Bacon, was nominated as a member of the university who inspires alongside how she live the University’s values. Sara was nominated for her inclusive management approach and her leadership of the NTDC and HEaTED teams!