Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 - Technical Staff Mental Health

16 May 2023

Dr Zoë J Ayres' Academic Mental Health Series

Dr Zoë J Ayres is an Analytical Scientist, Academic Mental Health Advocate, and founder of AcademicVoices. Zoë regularly shares material created to support academic mental health and advocate for improved mental health awareness in academia and beyond. 

“This project was designed to capture some of the key stressors that may add additional strain throughout the academic journey, which could ultimately lead to mental health concerns. The posters aim to create awareness of these issues and presents an opportunity to discuss them in more detail. All these posters are free to use and distribute. You can download the full set of posters or alternatively download individual posters below.

“I am not a medical professional, or psychologist - I am a Research Scientist with lived experience of the mental health pressures in academia. I make these resources for awareness and they are designed to be for guidance only.”

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Below is see Zoë’s Poster within the ‘Academic Mental Health Series’.

Technical staff mental health poster

The poster discusses key mental health stressors technical staff may face during their career.

Screen reader accessible document (DOCX, 16KB)

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Zoë's other posters in the series

The entire Academic Mental Health Series can be seen on, or download the PDF posters below.

Technician Mental Health (PDF, 71KB)

Undergraduate Mental Health (PDF, 115KB)

Masters Mental Health (PDF, 50KB)

PhD Researcher Mental Health (PDF, 52KB)

Postdoctoral Mental Health (PDF, 52KB)

Academic Mental Health (PDF, 57KB)