NTDC joined MMU and the University of Manchester for the MMU Apprentice Celebration Day!

20 February 2023

University apprentices

Apprentices from the University of Manchester join apprentices at Manchester Metropolitan University in a celebration day for National Apprenticeship Week 2023.

During the day, apprentices from Manchester Metropolitan University showcased and toured the facilities to apprentices from The University of Manchester. Apprentices were able to network with apprentices in their neighbouring university and had the opportunity to share details to connect with a new colleague. 

Natalie Kennerley, Technical Services Development Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) said,

“We have really enjoyed hosting local technical services apprentices at this event to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week. It gave everyone the opportunity to network and share knowledge of their areas.

“Many of our visitors on the day found links between their area of work and our apprentices’ areas and enjoyed learning about the varied technical facilities at Manchester Met.

“We have exchanged contacts and discussed working more closely together with our apprenticeships. We’re looking forward to hopefully visiting the University of Manchester’s technical facilities in future”.

Chemistry and nutrition

MMU Apprentice, Amy, gave a tour of the chemistry and nutrition facilities; showcasing the interesting work that goes into everyday foods, such as the density of a burger or the thickness of a sauce. Apprentices had the opportunity to use the ‘sensory room’ where they tested their senses with a jelly bean task!

Jelly bean test
Lab machines
Person operating a machine

It was hard for all on the tour to distract ourselves from the smells of students’ cooking nearby. Hear from Amy about her apprenticeship below.

Amy's apprenticeship experience at MMU

Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson, Food Technologist Level 3 Apprentice at MMU.

“Currently I am doing a Grade 2 job at the university, supporting students in lessons, figuring out how to use the different equipment and at the end of February I will be starting on the standard, learning everything from field to fork; from when food is grown to when it’s put onto the shelves and all the processes that it goes through.

“I was interested in the apprenticeship because I like the idea of earning and learning at the same time. I feel like it opens up a lot of opportunities because you gain the work experience as well as the learning, so industries will probably look out for that more than somebody who has just done a qualification and studied the whole time.

Digital technology

Mikalai showcased the fantastic facilities that are often behind the scenes in the Digital Technology department. Apprentices saw green screens, gaming labs (in use by games design students), and innovative technology used by external businesses. Technology in this department includes computers, such as the one pictured below, that track eye movement to assess the effectiveness of a website. Mikalai showcased his latest project as seen below, which required complex coding and computing knowledge.

Green screen and studio lights
Mikalai using a laptop
Eye-tracking computer


Mikael gave apprentices a tour of the Fashion department, showing the equipment and brilliant student facilities available. We were able to see some of her latest, and beautiful, work that she had completed as part of her apprenticeship. Mikael highlighted the ability to learn skills across many areas in the apprenticeship that will appeal to industry employers.

Fashion department tour
Fabrics and machinery

Live production

Valentine proudly showcased the Live Production department; from lighting to costume design. The apprentices were amazed to see how much goes on behind the scenes, often facilitated by technical staff, to plan, produce and deliver a live performance. We even donned hard hats to explore the area above the stage, where technicians work to rig lights and other fascinating features!

Lighting rig
Live production set
Wardrobe and costumes

Thank you to Natalie Kennerley and her team of apprentices and supporters for hosting such an informative day. To find out more about apprenticeships and how we can support, head to our apprenticeships page.