NTDC Photo Competition 2023 Winners Announced

24th July 2023

The NTDC hosts an annual photo competition for technical staff at Partner Affiliate organisations. This year, we asked technicians to show us why they love their technical role. Every year, we receive amazing photographs, and 2023 was no exception. This year's photo competition was sponsored by Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), Chromatography Direct and Anthias Consulting Ltd

The photographs that were not successful in winning a prize will still be celebrated throughout the year on our marketing material, website and at a photo competition exhibition at the 2023 Partner Forum. 

A judging panel of NTDC Specialist Advisors selected the winning photographs and they can be seen below, alongside the accompanying text submissions. Congratulations to this year's winners!

NTDC Photo Competition Sponsors:

First Prize: Luke Trodden

Technical Skills Instructor in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering at Coventry University

"I absolutely love the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the technical field." 

As a technician, I often encounter complex issues that require analytical thinking and a systematic approach to find solutions.

As a technical skills instructor, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of engineers.

This photo is of our students building this year's "formula student racecar". This process is challenging but rewarding as the students get to grips with the reality of designing components that have to work in assemblies with other designs done by their peers."

“I am overjoyed to win the competition, it is great to be able to highlight the excellent work that our dedicated team do for the students.”

Runner Up Prize: Emma Kirk

Assistant AV Technician at Manchester Metropolitan University

"Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, experimenting with new equipment, or acquiring new skills, I am constantly challenged and encouraged to grow professionally. This continuous learning process keeps me motivated and ensures that every day is different which I think is the beauty of being a technician. 

Overall, my role as an Assistant AV Technician not only allows me to showcase my technical expertise and creativity but also offers constant opportunities for personal and professional development. It is a role that brings together a multitude of rewarding experiences, from helping others to collaborating with a talented team, making it truly special to me. 

The use of film photography at such a digital based event in a School of Digital Art strips this practise to its earliest form and allowed me to show my passion/ skill as a technician."

"I’m extremely honoured to have won the runner up prize in the 2023 NTDC Photo Competition, thank you to my team, NTDC and the sponsors. The competition showcases the importance of technicians. This is a sentiment I stand by as a 2022 Graduate; I was grateful for the technical support and teaching that I received during my degree from technicians and to now be a part of the team is very special. I am also grateful to represent the Arts, my submission showcases the learning opportunities and support we offer to students and this to me, is the heart of being a technician in education."

Runner Up Prize: Joanna Scamp

Technical Manager (Technician Commitment) at the University of Kent

"Working with and for our technical community, whether that is within my own university or across the sector with external partners and institutions, is a rewarding role and journey that I am thrilled and proud to be a part  of. 

My work feeds my art and my art feeds my work, creating a full creative cycle. My role of supporting the  technical community as part of the Technician Commitment offered inspiration for me within my artistic practice. I decided to work on raising the visibility and recognition of the technical community by offering a  combined artist’s and technician’s view. "

“I am delighted and honoured to have won runner up in the NTDC Photo Competition 2023! I wanted to express what I love about my role as Technical Manager for the Technician Commitment and how special it is to me. I am so pleased to know that my photograph was successfully able to get this message across and afford me the opportunity to become a runner up.” I made sure that the portrait (of the man with a beard) I did years ago of my Dad and for whom I shared my practical and artistic talents was in the shot to pay homage and tribute to him. I unfortunately lost my Dad in January of 2020.”

Congratulations to this year's photo competition winners, and thank you to all who submitted an entry! If you are attending the Partner Forum 2023, you can see all photo submissions displayed at the exhibition space.