The Science Teaching Survey 2023

23 May 2023

Take part in the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Science Teaching Survey!

From the Science Teaching Survey:

The first survey, conducted in 2022, received over 3,700 responses from science teachers and technicians across the UK and Ireland. The findings cast a light on the rewards and challenges that face science teachers, including on staffing, skills, and wellbeing.

More details of what the 2022 survey revealed, and the actions the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is taking, can be viewed on our website.

The RSC’s education mission is to empower communities to offer an excellent chemistry education to all, driving diversity and improving skills in the chemical sciences. The aim of this research is to ensure that our decisions are well-informed.

Specifically, the RSC is keen to learn more about:

In the 2023 survey, we will further expand on these themes so that we can provide a more detailed view of what it is like to teach/work in science education in the UK and Ireland.

The survey is being led by the RSC with support from the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the Royal Society of Biology (RSB).

Your feedback is valuable and will help us to better represent and support those who are teaching science.

The survey will take between 12 and 18 minutes to complete.

This survey includes optional demographic questions, about your gender, age and ethnicity, to help us understand more about science educators in the UK and ROI. Findings from this research will be available to the public. However, all responses will be strictly confidential and will be aggregated together for analysis to ensure your anonymity.

The RSC will collect the data for analysis and provide an anonymised data set to the IOP and RSB, who will also review the survey responses. This data set will include the optional demographic questions but exclude personal information where collected, ie name, email, school name, school postcode. Open comment responses will also be supplied to the IOP/RSB and, while every effort will be taken to remove any personal references in these responses, we cannot guarantee anonymity in these cases. For more information, please see our privacy statement.

If you have any questions about the 2023 survey, please contact

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