CPD Central FAQs

Who can use CPD Central?

CPD Central is available to any organisation with technical or professional support services staff that wish to record CPD to compliment annual appraisals or assist with annual CPD renewals with licenced professional bodies. Managers of apprentices and junior technicians may also find CPD Central useful for setting tasks to assist in the meeting daily tasks and objectives.

How quickly can we get set-up?

We are equipped to be able to set you up immediately with access to your own personal log-in information. We would like to carry out a video conference so that we can explain each of the various users (4 user levels available) so that you can make the most of CPD Central in your institution.

We have built CPD Central to be admin-light, so that you can engage with the important parts of CPD recording. The NTDC team are on hand to offer advice and help with any part of the setup, as well as continued support and guidance.

Is the software secure?

This has been our top agenda since the inception of the project. CPD Central is highly secure and fully encrypted. To enhance security CPD Central uses database encryption, SSL/TLS Certification and Gold-standard data backup and redundancy through Microsoft Azure.

The system is GDPR compliant and you can easily access, and view exactly what data is held. You also have the full ability to delete all your personal information. Our disaster recovery strategy also enables us to protect your data from accidental deletion.

Will my supervisor be able to see all of my CPD Record?

You have the ability to keep your CPD record personal to you or shared with your supervisor. The default set in CPD Central when completing a new activity record will is set to ‘Personal’. Once you are happy you have completed this activity, you can change this to allow visibility with your supervisor.

If an institution is interested in using CPD Central, what should they do next?

We are happy to arrange a video conference with you to help you learn more about the different user types that are available to your organisation, as well as the layout and structure of CPD Central with different units, departments and job roles. We can also go into more depth about the features and functionality to maximise the use of CPD Central.